What we have been up to: April/May 2016

It’s been a very hectic few weeks on the poole.gov.uk redesign project but also very exciting.

Design part 2 – how the site will look

We are now reaching the end of the Design part 2 – how the site will look (visuals) sprint.

This has been about taking the wireframes we have created and developing them into how the pages will look and work together.

We have created visuals for:
• homepage
• landing page – pages used for navigating around the site
• content page version 1 – a simple content information page
• content page version2 – a page which has transactional elements or instructions
• facilities landing page – such as Libraries, Parks, Beaches etc.
• facilities content page – such as Libraries, Parks, Beaches etc.
• news landing page
• news content page
• news archive page

The next step is to integrate the visuals into our new site.
Once this is done we will be able to share them with you.

Information Architecture – how the site will be structured

We have been busy sorting the structure of the site and how pages will sit on the site.
Once this is complete we want you to help us understand if the structure makes sense and if you can find what you are looking for in a logical way.

We are going to use some software called Treejack to enable users to test our structure so we can make the site as user-friendly as possible.

Have a look at what Bracknell Forest Council are doing with their website navigation testing to get an idea of what we will be asking from you in the near future.

Next steps

Overall, loads going on but we are all really excited to see the site taking shape.

We will be blogging more soon about how you can get involved to help us make the new site work.

Matt Louis – Project Lead