Homepage navigation survey results

Once again, many thanks to all who completed our homepage navigation survey.

We had 236 completed surveys mainly from Poole area but also as far afield as Bristol, London, and Kent.

There is a lot of data to digest but we wanted to share with you some of the early findings.

Overall results

We had a success and directness rating of 88% which means that these people found what they were looking for and were able to get straight to the information.


This helps us to understand that we already have a fairly good and straightforward navigation.

We have analysed the paths that people used to get to answer the task questions and mostly people were able to get the information they needed without going a different route or having to backtrack.


Most of the tasks were straightforward. The software we used gives a rating out of 10 to rate the success of each task.

The breakdown was:

  • two rated 10
  • two rated 9
  • four rated 8
  • one rated 7
  • one rated 3.

As with these type of things we can often learn more from the tasks that people struggled with.

For example, question 7 – ‘You want to extend your house and need to find a trusted builder. Where would you go to find out about trusted traders?’ was the question that was rated 3 out of 10.

We kinda expected this.

This question was devised to test a theory we had been working on during the project.

We had made an assumption that the current page we have on our website, Buy With Confidence, wasn’t titled in the way people would understand.

So we created the question to see if we were right.

Below is a pietree of where people went to try and find the answer to this question.


It really makes clear that we have to ensure we make this easier to find in the future.

Compare this to task 3 – ‘You need to find out how to register the birth of your child. Where would you find this information?’

This was one of two tasks rated 10 and you can see how much easier it was to find this information directly.

It took just under 9 seconds to complete this task compared to nearly 29 seconds to complete the trusted builder task (or not as the case may be).

How long it takes someone to complete a task is a critical  measure we will be using to check that the site is working well.


Overall we had 162 comments in the exit questionnaire. These will help us directly make changes and inform decisions on wording and placement of pages on the new site.

They ranged from very positive feedback, to suggestions on wording, placement of content and even what content we should test in the future.

What next?

Having carried out this survey, we will now take the results and look at how we can improve how the homepage navigation works.

We will also look to use this type of survey again on other parts of the website so we can learn more about how people will navigate throughout our site.

Matt Louis – Project Lead

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