What we’ve been working on – October/November

It’s been a while since we last updated the blog but we have been working hard on the new website.

We want to share with you what we have been doing and how you can get involved.

Content design workshops

Since the last blog post we have held 15 content design workshops with all kinds of services from allotments to zebra crossings.

We have found out so much about our services; the tasks people come to the website to do and the differing needs of those who use them.

This info is helping us start to put together the content for the new site.

Allotments, starting a business and find a planning application

Following the workshops we have created some content to test the new page layouts. There are 3 sections that we would really like you to have a look at and give your feedback on:

find a planning application
starting a business.

Tell us what you think by using the link on the page.

Homepage design

We want to share our new homepage design with you soon.

We have a couple of versions we have been working on and want your feedback to help us make the right design decisions.

Watch this space..

Matt Louis – Project Lead

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