Start of the beginning…

On Monday 6 March we officially moved out of our beta phase and into live, launching our website.

This is where you will start to see the new website emerge.

We decided not to have a big switch over from the old site to the new as we learned from past experience that this approach wouldn’t work.

Instead we are building the new site, content up. This means we are working on specific pages and services, prioritising ones such as:

  • emergencies
  • allotments
  • self service
  • garden waste
  • elections
  • voting
  • jobs
  • births, deaths and marriages
  • Council Tax
  • beaches.

When you go to these pages on the current you will see a yellow banner above the content with a link to the new version of the page.

This is so we can get as much feedback as possible on the new content to ensure it meets the needs of our users.

After 2 weeks we will remove the banner and redirect the page to the new version.

Once all content has been through this process, we will be able to launch the homepage and change from to

This has been an interesting and useful process and allowed us to find and solve issues in a live environment. Now the final stretch begins and we will be adding more and more services over the coming weeks and months until we have created all relevant content.

It’s really exciting to see how our customers use the new site and what we can improve on.

… beginning of the end

Claire Ryan-East – Data Scientist and Digital Support Officer
Claire Ryan-East – Data Scientist and Digital Support Officer

Just as we have launched our we also say farewell to our brilliant Content Design Lead, Claire Ryan-East, who is joining Dorset County Council Children’s Services to edit their website content.

Claire was part of the project team right from the start and has been a creative, energetic and enthusiastic force of nature; keeping us going when we faced challenges and always willing to learn new skills and ways of working.

The would not be the site it is without Claire and the whole team and the council will miss her enormously.

Thank you Claire and enjoy your next digital adventure!

Matt Louis – Project Lead